Reservation - how do I contact the Excursion&Transfer Office?
Please phone +39.081 193 18 997 or by Fax +39 06 90 28 9433

Airport ---- What happens if my flight is delayed?
For a private transfer, the Excursion&Transfer vehicle will wait for up to an hour and a half at no charge. After this time you may be liable for a waiting charge. On a shared transfer where the flight is delayed more than one hour you will be put on the next available transfer.

Airport ---- How do I find my driver?
Normally the Excursion&Transfer driver will be waiting in front of your arrival gate with a sign with your name and destination write on. However you must refer to your booking confirmation where you will find specific instructions for your particular airport.

Airport ---- What happens if I cannot find my driver at the airport?
Refer to your booking confirmation where you will find a local contact number, or call Excursion&Transfer Operative Office and you will be directed to your driver.

Airport ---- How long will I have to wait at the airport?
Private - your vehicle will normally be at the airport for the scheduled arrival of your flight. Shuttle - Where flights arrived on time, we aim to leave the airport within 30 minutes of meeting your driver.

General ---- I have lost my luggage, can you collect it for me later?
All the airlines have handling agents. They will organize for any luggage to be forwarded to your resort address.

General ---- I have left something in the vehicle. How do I get it back?
Contact our Office reservation staff, giving details of the transfer, and the missing items. We will then endeavour to deliver them to you. In some circumstances a charge may be applicable.

Pricing ---- Do you offer discounted rates for children or babies?
We charge the same rate for all occupied seats. Please note that babies may not travel for free on an adult's lap.

Reservations ---- What is a Last Minute Booking?
A last minute booking is where a seat is bought on an existing transfer. Last Minute Bookings are not a door-to-door service. You can select either the default resort stop (usually the tourist office), or select an existing stop on the particular transfer.

Reservations ---- Last Minute Bookings: Why am I limited to certain drop off or pick up points on a last minute shared transfer?
Excursion&Transfer normally schedules all its transfers 3 days prior to departure. If a booking is made more than three days prior to the transfer you may select any pick up or drop off point in the resort. Once the vehicle is scheduled, its route around the resort is decided. If you wish to book a Last Minute Transfer you must fit in with our schedule. Alternatively you may be able to book a private transfer by calling Excursion&Transfer Office Reservations.

Reservation ---- Can I have a refund?
Under certain circumstances - See Excursion&Transfer terms and conditions

Reservation ---- Can I have a receipt?
Your email or fax confirmation is your receipt.

The Transfer ---- Can I have the driver's mobile number?
No. If you have any problems contact our Operative Office reservations number.

The Transfer ---- How long is the journey to the resort?
Approximate transfer times are given with price enquiries. On peak days and when the road conditions are poor, these times can vary.

The Transfer ---- Can we stop off at the supermarket or pickup property keys en-route?
By prior arrangement on a private transfer only, although not at peak times - a supplement may be applicable.

The Transfer ---- Can you pick me up from an Airport Hotel rather than the airport itself and take me to my destination?
Yes, but only if you book a private transfer. Alternatively most hotels will take you to the airport where you can meet an existing shuttle service.

The Transfer ---- Is the transfer direct or do we stop en route?
Private transfers are normally direct, door-to-door. Shared transfers may stop to either pickup or drop off other clients en route.

The Transfer ---- Does the driver speak English?
All Excursion&Transfer drivers speak English. Occasionally we are obliged to use a local taxi firm, in which case we cannot guarantee the driver will speak English.

The Transfer ---- Do I have to share a vehicle with other people?
No, if you book a private transfer. Yes, if you book a shared or shuttle transfer.

Vehicles ---- Do the buses have seat-belts?
Excursion&Transfer buses have 8 passenger seats, all with seat-belts. If you book a group of between 16 and 55, we may use a vehicle from another company. These larger buses do not have seat-belts.

Vehicles ---- What type of vehicles do you have?
Excursion&Transfer run a fleet of new style Mercedes Benz Cars, Limousine, MiniVan, Van, MiniBus. They are air-conditioned for the summer, fully equipped for the winter with an extended wheelbase for extra luggage space. Elsewhere the vehicles are of a similar high standard.

Resort ---- I do not have a resort address, can you drop me off at the tourist office?
If you do not specify a resort address, you will be dropped of and picked up at the tourist office. If you wish to change this you must inform Excursion&Transfer Operative Office Reservations.



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