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Itís a City which is at the foot of Monte Faito, the highest point of the Lattari Mountains, Vico Equense , quiet and discreet a place situated on a rocky surface which lies side by side by the sea, facing the Magnificent Gulf of Naples.

Itís long coast line, not touched, with its discreet beauty, rich with many small beaches hidden away, where only by sea you may reach some of these oases of such hidden beauty.

You also will find various natural grottos with unusual shapes formed naturally, for example like The cascades of spring mineral water, like that of the water of sulfrea found in a place called scrajo.

And on the corner of the mountains of lattari covered with olive trees, where many forms of vegetation grows, like precious jewels, numerous small rustic habitations, small areas where local Products are produced for example traditional cheese and local limoncello which is made from the Many lemon orchards found in this area.

Nature has donated Vico equense all its natural wonders sea, mountains and hills. And thermal water springs. It a place where you will find tourist enjoying the pleasure of the small discreet beaches , Vico Equense is one of the most important locality of the gulf of Naples, because it is that which welcomes you into the Sorrentina peninsula. Positioned in its natural habitat it is an ideal place to spend your holidays whether it is autumn. Or spring it is always ideal every season of the year.

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