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Sant’ Agata sui due Golfi, ( Sant’ Agata on the two gulfs) is about 7 km distance from Sorrento, and 400 mt in altitude.
It’s a locality where people spend there vacations, and is known for its mild pleasant temperature the natural habitat, the gentle atmosphere of the local population and the magnificent Position between the gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, and in front of you, you find yourself facing Capri.

The name which this enchanting area derives from is that of a small church which was founded by The Festinese family of the 16th Century, which they dedicated to the young Saint Catanese. Like in past the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, enchanted by the beauty of the Sorrentina Peninsula, considered the place of where Mermaids resided, These past cultures occupied this area on the hills of Sant’Agata where they lived for centuries.

We can also find the existence along the northern part of the hillside where the father Carmelitani lived and the area became part of their eremite existence and afor them it became a place of prayer and meditation. During the Roman era the area was utilized for the transportation between the two gulfs, as demonstrated by the antique roads of Augustea,
Istmica and Lamia, where there are still traces of this, which this allowed the colligation between the point Of Capanella (with the famous holy place” Athena tirrena”), Cropolla (with the gulf of Salerno) and the city of Sorrento.

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