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One of the most important City in the world, Rome is very rich in history, culture and art from every era. Its enormous monumental and artistic heritage can be divided in different epoch.

In the ancient and palaeochristian age, it's possible remember the vast Colosseum (where 50,000 spectators looked at gladiators and animals packed into cages below the arena, that fight to the death), the Arch of Tito in I A.C., the Pantheon (a classic Roman temple by Agrippa in 27 B.C.) and the Castle Saint Angelo in II A.C.. Then, the St. Peter's Basilica, traditionally believed to have been erected over the spot where St. Peter was buried after his martyrdom, inside Vatican Square of St. Peter, with its ellipse of encircling columns.

At Trevi, it's possible throw three coins in the famous fountains to make three wishes, while in Piazza di Spagna there are a number of exclusive shopping streets where it's nice to walk along, Then there is Piazza Navona a marvel of light and sculpture with its three Baroque fountains by Bernini and the fascinating Vatican Museums where is the Sistine Chapel built in the second half of 15th century and famous because of its beautiful frescoes, especially the Last Judgement painted, between 1508 and 1512, by Michelangelo Buonarroti.


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Rome is an unrepeatable city and is so-called Eternal for having alternated sumptuous ages with others of decadence and it is always reviving as it gathers treasures and memories with the charm of its incomparable landscape. Our tour will leave from Piazza San Bernardo, adorned by Mose's Fountain, heading to Piazza della Repubblica, previously known as "dell'Esedra" as its central area also called esedra of the Diocletian Baths is hidden now by the Fountain of Naiadi. We will continue towards via Piemonte, the Aurelian Walls, 
Porta Pinciana, Via Veneto, Via Nazionale. After this ample view of an important part of the city, the guided tour will lead you to the Trevi Fountain, a baroque jewel, and to the Pantheon, originally a pagan temple, which will be visited. We will head to Palazzo Madama, seat of the Senate of the Republic, to finally get to the gorgeous Piazza Navona, built on the ruins of the Domitian's Circus. Then you will have the chance to admire Castel Sant'Angelo and to visit the St. Peter's Basilica.


We will leave Piazza San Bernardo, adorned by Mose's Fountain, passing by Piazza della Repubblica. Along the way we will admire the Caracalla Baths, the Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum.
This itinerary will take us on the Appia, passing under the Porta di San Sebastiano (this is the route used by the ancient Romans, who where going to the Castelli in the summer to enjoy the fresh breeze).
Passing through Castelgandolfo, today's summer residence of the Pope, we will arrive in Albano and then Genzano, Nemi, Rocca di Papa, Grottaferrata and Frascati, going along the Via dei Laghi. Once in Frascati, there will be a stop to taste and enjoy the typical wines of this area.


The purpose of this tour is the visit of the Vatican Museums. Leaving the Piazza San Bernardo, adorned by Mose's Fountain, we will head to Piazza della Repubblica, with the Fountain of Naiadi in the middle. Then the itinerary will continue, passing by Via Piemonte, the Aurelian Walls, Porta Pinciana, the Muro Torto and the Villa Borghese.After this ample view of an important part of the city, we will visit the Vatican Museums and the Vatican Galleries. You will then admire the Round Hall, the Hall of the Greek Cross, the Tomb of St. Helen and St. Constance. We will then stop to admire the Sistine Chapel frescoed by Michelangelo. We will continue with the Galleries of the Chandeliers, of the Tapestries and of the Geographical Maps to end up in the Vatican Library Hall.


Leaving from Piazza San Bernardo, crossing Piazza della Repubblica, we will run along Via Nazionale to end up visiting the Basilica of St. Mary Major, built on the Esquiline Hill in 352 A.D. The tour will then continue visiting the Basilica of St. John in Lateran, cathedral of Rome and of the world. Hence, we will go to the Holy Stairs, climbed by Jesus Christ to reach Pilate's Palace. From here the tour will start again by coach, crossing Piazza San Giovanni and Via LatinSkirting along the Mura Latine, the tour will pass through the Porta di San Sebastiano to arrive on the Ancient Appian Way, where we will find the Chapel of "Domine Quo Vadis". We arrive finally at the Catacombs of St. Callixtus, where the visit will take about 45 mins (on Wednesdays the visit will be at the Catacombs of St. Domitilla). On the way back, from the coach you will have a view of the Caracalla Baths.


Museums in Rome

 Rome as itself is the greatist open-air museum in Europe. However, besides ancient ruins and stunning architecture it offers a wide choice of museums and art galleries filled with paintings and sculptures of the Renaissance and the Baroque.
The Vatican Museums have superb collections of both, as do, on a smaller scale, the Capitoline Museums.
Fine paintings can also be found scattered throughout Rome in museums, galleries and churches.

There are several museum cards and combined tickets to visit the most important museums and sights in Rome at an affordable price.

Vatican Museum
 Vatican Museums house their fabulous masterpieces in palaces originally built for Renaissance popes such as Julius II, Innocent VIII and Sixtus IV. Most of the later addition were made in the 18th century, when priceless works of art accumulated by earlier popes were firts put on show.
Vatican Museum is home to the Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms as well as to one of the world's most important art collections.
- Sistine Chapel
- Raphael Rooms
- Etruscan Museum


Capitoline Museum
Splendid copies of Greek and Roman sculptures has been kept on the Capitoline Hill since 15th century.
All master pieces are now housed in two palaces designed by Michelangelo:
- The Palazzo Nouvo
- Palazzo dei Conservatori

National Roman Museums:

- Crypta Balbi
Via delle Botteghe Oscure 31
Phone tel. 06/3996770
- Palazzo Altemps
Piazza Sant'Apollinare 44
Phone 06/6833566 (Ticket-Office) 39967700 (Information and advance sale)
- The Baths of Diocletian and the Octagonal Hall
v.le Enrico De Nicola 78
Phone 06/4882298 (museum) 39967700 (information and advance sale)


 Etruscan National Museum of Villa Giulia
Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9, Rome
Phone 06/3226571-3201706

The Palatine Museums
Via di San Gregorio, Rome
Phone 06/69901100


Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia (National Museum of Palazzo Venezia)
Via del Plebiscito, 118 00186 - Roma
various permanent collections + temporary exhibitions (contemporary Art)

Borghese Gallery
Villa Borghese, piazza Scipione Borghese 5
Phone 06/8417645 (Museum) 32810-1 (Information and Booking Office)

Complesso del Vittoriano - Museum of Risorgimento (Renaissance)
Via S. pietro in Carcere
open: 9.30am-7.30pm, fri-sat open until 11pm

National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo
lungotevere Castello 50
Phone 06/6819111

National Gallery of Antique Art
Palazzo Barberini, via Barberini 18
Phone: 06/4824184(Gallery) 32810-1 (Information and booking)


Museum of Rome in Trastevere
piazza Sant'Egidio 1/b
Phone 06/5816563 (Porter's) 5813717 (Offices)


Wax Museum
Piazza Venezia 67 (on side of SS. Apostoli)
Phone 67976482. open: 9am-8pm every day

National Museum of Pasta
Palazzo Scanderbeg, piazza Scanderbeg 114/120
Phone 06/6991119-6991120

Numismatic Museum of the Italian Mint
Ministero del Tesoro, via XX Settembre 97
Phone 06/47613317

The Rome Jewish Community Museum
Sinagoga, lungotevere Cenci
Phone 06/6840061





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