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After a beautiful panoramic drive, you’ll reach Genoa (Genova), the city of Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo), and home to Europe's largest Aquarium. If you cruise because you love the sea, then visiting the Aquarium of Genoa can be a truly emotional experience as you grapple with the concept of the immensity of the ocean you ride above and the richness it holds beneath. This unique experience unlocks a universe teaming with life and full of mysterious and strange creatures. Seals, dolphins, penguins, sharks, and fish of all shapes and colors accompany you along your path of discovery in this marine world. After your aquarium visit you will stop first at the panoramic terrace of Castelletto. From here you'll see the historical center of Genoa, the port and the “Lanterna” or lighthouse which is considered the symbol of the town. Next you'll enjoy a walking tour of the old city starting at the so-called “House of Colombo” near the medieval gate of “Porta Soprana”. On your walk you'll see the following highlights as your private guide explains them:
-Piazza De Ferrari- the contemporary heart of the town, with the Carlo Felice Opera House and beautiful fountains.
- Palazzo Ducale- the seat of the Doge and of the government of the Republic of Genoa with its neoclassical façade.
- Church of Saint Andrea- a masterpiece of Genoese baroque architecture (Baroque was the most important period in Genoese art) with two paintings by Peter Paul Rubens.
- Cathedral of San Lorenzo- Built in the 13th century, it is a good example of gothic architecture. Several renovations throughout the ages have also left their mark, and with the variety of art shown one next to the other your visit gives you a virtual course in Italian Art history.
- Piazza San Matteo- the best preserved example of a medieval residential quarter. San Matteo was the square of the Doria family area, and still maintains most of its medieval look, including beautiful palaces, porticoes, and traditional black and white striped facades. While you are in Genoa you will also have free time to enjoy lunch on your own. You return to the port in Savona later this afternoon.



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