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Capri is really a Mediterranean jewel: a beautiful island of limestone rock just in front of the city of Naples. Exalted and described in some of the world's most famous lyric poetry, the island of Capri is known for its special climate, the brillant colours of its nature and sea, for the magical atmosphere and for the hospitality of its inhabitants.

The main towns of the island are: Capri and Anacapri. Between the two main peaks of the island, Mount Tiberio and Mount Solaro, there is the town of Capri. Anacapri is located west of Mount Solaro.

The name "Capri" traces back to the Greeks, the first to inhabit the island: in fact it was not derived from the Latin "Capreae" (goats), but from the Greek "Kapros" (wild boar), and fossil remains have confirmed this. The island was Greek before it became Roman.

After visiting Capri in 29 BC, Caesar Augustus was so enthusiast of island's beauty, that he bought it from Naples, giving up the nearby island of Ischia - much larger and richer - in return. His successor, Tiberius, built twelve villas, dedicating them to the twelve gods of Olympus, and ruled the Roman Empire from the most splendid one, the "Villa Jovis".

During the following centuries the island was raided and dominated by the Saracens, Longobards, Normans, Angevins, Aragonese and the Spanish. In the second half of the 18th century, during the Bourbons dinasty , many pleople went there to hunt quayle.

Many visitors came in the South including the island in their itineraries and gave the world its first images of Capri. The large flow of tourists began in the first half of the last century when the Blue Grotta was discovered.

From the end of the 1800's until World War II, writers, painters, exiles, rich and eccentric visitors chose the island as their residence, building villas and establishing the multilingual, cosmopolitan colony that made Capri famous today.


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