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Amalfi is a town near Salerno facing the sea with its streets, its characteristic houses clinging on the rock and with its antique sighting towers.

It is situated along the coast just south of Naples, known as the Amalfi Coast, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world.

Once it was a powerful Maritime Republic and had prolific trading connections overseas, particularly with the middle-east. The most important monument, the Cathedral, is an attestation to her glorious past, in style "Romanesque-Amalfitan", a style completely amalfitan that adds to the Romanesque rigour elements of Moorish and Byzantine art.

Inside, it's a mixture of Saracen and Romanesque styles, though now heavily restored, with a major relic in the body of St. Andrew buried in its crypt. Then, a very picturesque landscape with the most charming panoramic views and the mildest of climates. Its delightful little beaches and the "Cave of the Emerald" rich with stalagmites and stalactites has made it a unique place.

The origin of the town is not a certain one. The name comes from Latina (from Melfi, a Lucan sea village abandoned by Roman people in IV century a.C. or maybe from Roman gens Amarfia, that lived in I century a.C.). A legend tells that the name comes from Amalfi, a nymph loved by Hercules. She was buried there as a desire of the gods. Amalfi was surely inhabited by Romans, escaped on Lattari mounts to hide from Germanic and Longobard invasions. It was a castrum in defence of Byzantine ducat of Naples. The town had a privileged relation to Byzantium thanks to its ability in the commerce.

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Amalfi #1
Upon arrival in Amalfi a visit to the Sala Morelli and the Tavole Amalfitane and Medieval costumes. A visit and tour of the Cathedral with the crypt containing the remains of St. Andrew and a look at the Church museum. This followed by a look at the Chiostro del Paradiso adjacent to the church. We proceed thru the ancient streets to the Paper Museum. Adjacent is the lemoncello production. A demonstration and degustation followed by a remarkable lunch under the lemon groves. Bruschetta- Spaghetti Al Limone- Caponate di Pane Biscottato, Scamorza alla griglia in foglie di limone ,Delizia al Limone, Vino della Casa, Acqua, Limoncello.
Amalfi #2
Valle delle Ferriere to Atrani - leaving Amalfi we ascend to the Valley and its beauty and cascades and enter a secret valley of extraordinary interest and excitement. We move onto Pontone for lunch (not included). After lunch we descend to the Torre del Zirro and then down to Atrani and its labryntine streets and alleys.



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