Early November, Umbria offers an occasion to combine wine tastings with local delicacies and two of its major produce: truffle and olive oil. Some events in Umbria this week offer you a big chance to choose many enogastronomic tours combining wine, olive oil, truffle tasting with art, history and culture.
Beginning October 31 through November 4, two major white truffle exhibitions will be held in the historic towns of Città di Castello and Gubbio.
“Mostra del tartufo Bianco e dei prodotti agroalimentari” in Gubbio (October 31 through November 4) and “Mostra del Tartufo Bianco e dei prodotti del bosco” in Città di Castello (October 31 through November 4) will also feature local olive oil, wine, cheeses as well as the many woodland delicacies these zones offer.


Campania has always delighted the palate of its visitors offering a wide range of delicate wines for all pockets and typical, delicious dishes. The endless fantasy of its inhabitanst has allowed magic combinations of the fruits of the sea with the fruits of the land originating recipes which have become famous all over the world. Campania is the home of pizza, mozzarella, lemons, and coffee: a real ritual for a worthy end of a meal.

The Flavours and Aromas of Campania Felix : Caserta
This itinerary will take you in discovery of the flavours and aromas of the Province of Caserta.
Here, there are a great many typical products that are highly appreciated outside its borders: its wine, olive oil, chestnuts and exquisite buffalo mozzarella.

In the area of Falciano del Massico, thousands of age-old olive trees yield an oil with a unique flavour.
Mondragone and Castel Volturno, on the other hand, are the home of buffalo mozzarella, which is increasingly appreciated as a traditional product that is unique in the world.

You should also sample the organic honey, mushrooms, especially the dark porcini mushrooms from Mount Massico, and the asparagus.

The hills and mountains of the Alto Casertano, crossed by waterways and covered with thick forests, are the natural environment for chestnuts, with those from Roccamonfina, Galluccio and Conca della Campania being especially famous, tasty cherries, Annurca applies and both black and white truffles.
There are highly-appreciated dairy products made from fresh milk: Caciocavallo, Pecorino cheese and Caprino, Ricotta, Scamorza and Burrini.


EXURSION and TRANSFER recommends some Wine Tour

Itinerary description :

A savouring of the area's traditional rustic country cuisine, admiring the ancient Medieval towns and villages, with their local handicrafts workshops.
This and much more is what tourists can expect in this itinerary discovering the food and wine of Irpinia, with a tour that runs through the nearby towns of Castelvetere sul Calore, Montemarano, Castelfranci and Paternopoli, home to simple yet tasty traditional dishes and excellent prized wines bearing the denomination Taurasi DOC.

While mornings can be spent on nature walks through the woods, perhaps even skiing in the wintertime, evenings include visits to the towns and taking part in exhibitions put on by artistic groups.) Irpinia Tour

An itinerary discovering the pride and glory of Irpinia, its wine. The area, in fact, produces no less than three fabulous wines for the region of Campania: Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi, bearing the prestigious DOCG marking, or Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin.

Starting off from Avellino and its surrounding countryside, we come to the area renowned for the production of Fiano, created purely from the vine of the same name, and known by the Latins as Vitis Apiana (deriving from 'ape', or bee, since bees are especially attracted by the pleasant sweetness of these grapes).

Our journey through the towns and villages of the Fiano winemaking area is also a cultural one. Beginning with the provincial capital, Avellino, well worth a visit for its ancient castle and Duomo dedicated to the Madonna dell’Assunta, while at the nearby town of Mercogliano, don't miss the splendid Abbey of Loreto.

Greco di Tufo DOCG is produced in the valley of the river Sabato: to speak of this great wine means venturing into a remote past, since this variety of vine was already cultivated two thousand years ago by the Romans under the name of “Animea Gemella”.

In addition to Tufo, other smaller surrounding townships contribute to the very limited production of this superb white wine, among which are Altavilla Irpina, where the Civic Museum is well worth a visit.

Just a few kilometres further ahead of Fiano, after having crossed Venticano, the so-called “Paese del Torrone” [nougat], produced with its renowned delicious local hazelnuts, we arrive at the small town of Taurasi. This is the centre of production for one of Italy's greatest DOCG red wines, Taurasi, obtained from the grapes of one of the most prestigious winemaking vines in the entire country: Aglianico, the ancient Vitis Hellenica.
Taurasi is a first rate red wine, with its intense ruby colour tending towards garnet red, acquiring an orangey reflection as it ages.

In addition to the wine, the ancient town of Taurasi offers a myriad of natural and artistic beauties to behold, such as its numerous elegant 17th and 18th century buildings featuring refined stone portals, the Medieval castle and Church of the Rosario.






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